Here on our little hillside, in WV, we try to live a simple life. One where we can try to make the best decisions in regards to what we feed our family, and where we source our foods. We try to make green decision that are not only good for our family but for our community and planet as well. There is no place I would rather raise a family, than these WV hills! So I guess it is our responsibility to preserve them, and our heritage.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

moving right along

The growing season is moving right along.  Everything in the garden seems to be doing pretty good so far, despite the fact that the garden has been attacked by rabbits, groundhogs, and deer.  We had to add a new electric fence to try to keep the critters out.

 We also determined where we would put the new compost pile.  I cleaned out the area, which was full of old bricks and blocks.  Not to mention poison oak...YUCK!  I just have to make the walls and it is done.  This is the perfect place for all our kitchen and yard scraps.  Just need to haul up some horse poo to get the compost juices flowing.  Having the compost pile also reduces the amount of waste we add to the landfill and this makes me very happy.  Instead of adding to the problem, we are creating nutrious and healthy new soil. 

The early yellow transparent apples are starting to drop from the trees already so I need to start planning on what to do with those.  I am thinking about making pie filling this year. 

Hopefully a good and productive growing season will get our cellar stocked this year. 
Happy gardening!