Here on our little hillside, in WV, we try to live a simple life. One where we can try to make the best decisions in regards to what we feed our family, and where we source our foods. We try to make green decision that are not only good for our family but for our community and planet as well. There is no place I would rather raise a family, than these WV hills! So I guess it is our responsibility to preserve them, and our heritage.

Monday, July 25, 2011

In full swing

The Raspberries have already been picked.  The strawberries are done.  We did 8 pints of strawberry freezer jam. Now the garden is in full swing.  We just picked our first round of cucumbers and I will need to get them done tonight.  Our banana peppers are almost ready.   My step son did an extra patch at his grandparents and they are ready too.  So there will be tons of peppers in the near future.  (pickled banana peppers, BBQ peppers, and hot pepper mustard)  The early transparent apples are ready and I need to get them done soon too.  Not to ,mention the blackberries are starting to get ripe.  Such a busy time of year, but I absolutely love it.