Here on our little hillside, in WV, we try to live a simple life. One where we can try to make the best decisions in regards to what we feed our family, and where we source our foods. We try to make green decision that are not only good for our family but for our community and planet as well. There is no place I would rather raise a family, than these WV hills! So I guess it is our responsibility to preserve them, and our heritage.

Monday, July 25, 2011

go with the flow

After receiving a phone call from friends tonight.  We have had a change of plans.  We have agreed to trade.  They get cucumbers tonight and we get green beans later in the week.  The deer have been in our garden enjoying a feast on our beans.  Next year we are going to have to build a very tall fence to keep them out.  So this evening I am going to go pick some of the early transparent apples and make applesauce.  That is if the deer have left me any of those. 

My mammaw has given me the best recipe for apple sauce.  It is so easy and yummy.  The early transparents are good apples for sauce and juice.  I will show you how its done.