Here on our little hillside, in WV, we try to live a simple life. One where we can try to make the best decisions in regards to what we feed our family, and where we source our foods. We try to make green decision that are not only good for our family but for our community and planet as well. There is no place I would rather raise a family, than these WV hills! So I guess it is our responsibility to preserve them, and our heritage.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We gave most of the first harvest of cucumbers away, except for the bigger ones in which we made cucumber salad with our fresh garden onions

This recipe is super easy! 
First you need to get your apples

I had to fight the deer for mine.....
Then turn on some music, settle in and start on your sauce
you will need to peel, core and quarter your apples, soak in lemon water as you get them sliced
when done, add to slow cooker and add water till covered

add sugar to taste and cinnamon if desired. 
cook uncovered on low until sauce is thickened
When done, you can either can or freeze or simply have for dinner.

Don't forget to compost your peels and cores!!